Setup and deploy custom domain

  • Complete this guide to set up a domain name for your organization
  • Complete this guide to Test and Deploy your domain.

Set Up Permissions

If the permissions weren’t set during the installation process, adding Permission Set to Profiles is required:

  • Make sure the Profile has access to Pushtopic: Read,Create
    • Navigate to: Setup » Manage Users » Profiles
    • View the Profile
    • Find the Standard Objects section
    • If the Pushtopic Object doesn’t have permissions to Read,Create, edit, add permissions and save
  • Navigate to: Setup » Manage Users » Permission Sets
  • Select WorQ Standard User Template
  • Click on Manage Assignments
  • Click on Add Assignments
  • Select the users you want to assign
  • Assign

Set Up Queues

  • Navigate to: Setup » Manage Users » Queues
  • Edit existing queue or create new
  • Select and add Case or Lead objects from Supported Objects section
  • Select and add from Queue Members section the users that will work with WorQ
  • Save

Add WorQ To Lightning App

  • Navigate to: Setup » Apps » App Manager
  • Edit existing app or create new
  • In the Utility Bar section click Add and select WorQ item
  • Set Panel Height to 508
  • Check the “Load in background when app opens” if you want WorQ component to automatically open on load
  • Change the Icon if desired (Feed icon looks best)
  • Save

Add WorQ To Classic Console App

  • Navigate to: Setup » Build » Create » Apps
  • Edit existing or create new Console app
  • Make sure the app has Leads or Cases tabs
  • Select WorQ at the Choose Console Components section
  • Save
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