• Added One-on-One SMS Messaging capabilies Lightning
  • Added Lightning Setup Lightning
  • Improved Lead/Contact Save flow


  • Added Setup Wizard
  • Added Inbound Queues feature Lightning
  • Added Voice Recordings and Voicemail features
  • Added Enable/Disable Dialero for users from settings page feature
  • Added Manage user licenses from settings page feature
  • Added Buying and Managing Twilio phones feature, manage from settings page
  • Added Verify Caller Ids feautre, manage from settings page
  • Added phone number masking for outbound calls, configurable for each user
  • Added Pre-Dial delay Lightning
  • Added Save Caller as Lead/Contact Lightning
  • Added Post-Call delay Lightning
  • Fixed multiple sites related issue


  • New Lightning design


  • Added custom Call object


  • Added Default Assigned User, all the calles logged for unknown callers or un-answered calls will be assigned to this user.
  • Debug mode
  • Custom sounds


Dialero is officially released

Main features include:

  • Click-To-Dial from any Salesforce Object
  • Intelligent inbound call recognition
  • Call logging for every called, answered and un-answered
  • Note taking during calls
  • And moreā€¦