Standby Tab

Overview of Dialero Standby view
  • Use Tabs to navigate between Standby, Call Log, Queues and Settings tabs.
  • Use Quick Find/Dial field to quickly find contacts or dialing to any phone number. More info
  • Enable/Disable Incoming Calls by toggling the button.
  • Upcoming Calls will reflect any uncompleted tasks with Call word included in the subject.

Call Log Tab

Overview of Dialero Standby view
  • View all your completed calls.
  • Status icons represent the direction and result of the call:
    • Outbound Completed
    • Outbound Missed
    • Inbound Completed
    • Inbound Missed
  • To dial the caller click on the blue phone icon

  • Clicking on the subject will open the related task.
  • If the caller was identified as Contact/Lead, clicking on the name will open the related record of the caller.

Queues Tab


Overview of Dialero Standby view

Settings Tab

Overview of Dialero Standby view
  • Set Default Outbound Id to be any Twilio Verified phone number.
    • Lite Edition limited to 2 Twilio Phones.
    • Pro Edition can use unlimited Twilio Phones or Caller Ids.
  • Select Default Tab will enable changing the default Standby Tab to Call Log or Queues.
  • Define Pre-Dial Delay to control the delay in seconds between a Click-To-Dial action and actually starting the call. This enables an opportunity to cancel an outgoing call before it was placed. Put 0 value to disable any delay.