Setup Wizard

After first installation of Dialero app navigate to Setup page in Dialero Classic or Lightning Apps and follow the Setup Wizard process.

Dialero - Setup App
Configuring Dialero achieved from Setup tabs in Dialero App

Dialero App Settings

  • In Dialero Settings tab you will be able to:
    • Update Twilio Credentials
    • Update Default Assigned User
    • Enable/Disable Call Recordings
  • In Manage Numbers tab you will be able to:
    • Edit phone friendly name
    • Edit inbound routing for a phone
    • Enable/Disable recordings for a specific phone
    • Release phone number
  • In Buy Numbers tab you will be able to:
    • Search and purchase new phone numbers to use with Dialero
  • In Caller Ids tab you will be able to:
    • Validate any phone to use as Outgoing Caller Id
    • Rename Caller Id
  • In Queues tab you will be able to:
    • Add new queues
    • Manage queues
  • In Manage Users tab you will be able to:
    • Assign/Remove licences to users
    • Enable/Disable Dialero for users

Add Dialero to any Lightning App

  • Navigate to Lightning App Manager
    • Setup » Apps » App Manager
  • Edit the required Lightning supported app
  • Click on Utility Bar tab
  • Click on Add button next to Utility Bar Items
  • Choose Open CTI Softphone
  • Change the Label to Dialero
  • Change the Panel Height to 276
  • Click Save at the bottom of the page
  • Click Done

Add Audio Message Files

  • Navigate to Setup » Custom Code » Static Resources
  • Click New button
  • Set a name for the audio message and select the audio file to upload
  • Select Public for Cache Control
  • Click Save
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