Register new account

  • Navigate to Twilio Sign Up page and register your account
  • Complete the registration process as required by Twilio

Get a Twilio phone number

  • Navigate to Get Started With Phone Numbers and click on the “Get your first Twilio phone number” button

  • Search and select a desired phone number

Setup TwiML app

Navigate to Create TwiML App and create a new app. Fill the fields as following:

  • Friendly name: Dialero App
  • Request Url:
  • Request Url Method: HTTP POST
  • Click on “show optional settings”
  • Status Callback Url:
  • Status Callback Url Method: HTTP POST

Configure Twilio phone number

  • Navigate to Phone numbers and click on the phone number
  • In the Voice & Fax section select:
    • Accept incoming: Voice Calls
    • Configure with: TwiML App
    • TwiML App: Dialero App
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